Call for Papers

Journal of Macromarketing

Developing Research Methods and Metrics in Macromarketing: A Call to Doctoral Students and Young Scholars to Set the Future Agenda

Submission Deadline: February 28, 2022 via

Built on the interest to expand research methodologies for Macromarketing towards quantitative methods and metrics (Fisk 2006; Peterson 2006; Wooliscroft 2016; DeQuero-Navarro, Stanton, and Klein 2021; Ekici, Genc, and Celik 2021), this special issue seeks submissions that emphasize the identification and implementation of diverse and meaningful quantitative methods to explore Macromarketing topics, i.e., research that analyzes macromarketing contexts in ways that allow comparison, whether from one location or context to another, between key constructs, or between points in time.

We particularly invite current/recent doctoral students from various disciplines – including marketing, psychology, political science, statistics, development, and others – to help address the quantitative gap in the study of macromarketing. We aim for every article to be written either in whole or in part by current doctoral (Ph.D., DBA, etc.) students or recent doctoral graduates whose contributions warrant first or second authorship.

Submission Types

Quantitative modeling and methods: Of highest priority are submissions that directly demonstrate how particular modelling methods, whether coming from the macromarketing discipline, other disciplines (e.g. engineering), or sub-disciplines of business (e.g. economics), are suitable for macromarketing analysis and identifies potential solutions to wicked social problems.

Identification of quantitative metrics that extend and decode current macromarketing conceptual models: These submissions offer a fresh analysis of a theoretical macromarketing model in a way that identifies key constructs or pathways that require measurement and provides the quantitative evidence of how to do so.

Literature review of a specific topic with a macromarketing purpose: These (few) submissions offer multi-disciplinary meta-analysis or systemic literature review to identify the myriad and diverse ways that a particular macromarketing topic, such as quality of life or externalities, has been studied in other disciplines, with focus on quantitative measurement approaches used.

Possible topics might include but are not limited to:

  • Building measures of environmental impacts from marketing activities in a certain territory, as well as measures of how conscious and responsible marketing efforts are reducing environmental impacts in a country or sector.
  • Constructing empirical models of localized marketing systems (e.g., of a poor, rural village), subsequent analysis of different model settings, and offering insights that shed light onto new corporate socially responsible activities, inclusive marketing strategies, new strategies for a more efficient interconnectedness between marketing agents and other stakeholders.
  • Creating empirical tools that evaluate both economic (e.g. household income) and subjective aspects (e.g. going to bed hungry, QOL) of poverty to test the public policy recommendations for a given marketing system on poverty alleviation, so that marketing system contributions to poverty are better understood and addressed.
  • Measurement of benefits from reducing embedded racism in marketing actions and society at large, with implications for macro factors connected to a higher level of social change.

Please indicate that your paper is intended for this special issue. See manuscript guidelines at

Please direct any inquiries or expressions of interest to any of the special issue co-editors:

  • Beatriz DeQuero-Navarro, Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Sevilla, Spain,
  • Christine Domegan, NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland,
  • Julie Stanton, Penn State University, Media, PA, USA,
  • Ben Wooliscroft, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand,


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