The Tony Pecotich Doctoral Seminar

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The Tony Pecotich Doctoral Seminar is intended to honor the memory of Dr. Tony Pecotich, Professor of Marketing at the University of Western Australia, who committed much of his scholarly and professional life to the training, development and inspiration of students seeking to earn their Ph.D., typically with a focus on macromarketing scholarship.

It is envisioned that

  1. the seminar will be held 1-2 days prior to the annual macromarketing conference, at a site contiguous with or adjacent to that conference;
  2. one or more established macromarketing scholars will organize it;
  3. one or more universities or research institutes will host and/or sponsor it;
  4. established scholars will share their research, either current or classic;
  5. doctoral students will be afforded an opportunity to present or discuss their own research, and to learn from recognized and published macromarketing scholars.

Outcomes will include

  1. the convivial assembly of macromarketing scholars/mentors and a future generation of macromarketing scholars;
  2. the establishment of a supportive research network that will last beyond the seminar;
  3. information dissemination;
  4. skills training;
  5. research development, and
  6. inspiration.