A message from the Vice President of Media

The Macromarketing Society engages in many important activities, where scholars active in our society conduct research at the forefront of marketing, markets, and society. This research is being published in a range of journals, including in the Journal of Macromarketing, presented at regional and international conferences and workshops around the globe, such as our Annual Macromarketing Conference, and shared in classrooms and with practitioners.

In my role as the Vice President of Media for the Macromarketing Society, which I started in summer of 2021, I am working to disseminate these and other macromarketing-related activities to key audiences. A core audience interested in hearing about our activities are the scholars affiliated with the Macromarketing Society, as well as those scholars and educators who are also interested in–and perhaps just learning about–macromarketing. In addition, practitioners from a range of organizations, students, and policymakers are key audiences that we working to connect and share with.

To support these efforts, I am gathering content related to macromarketing activities, such as recent publications, relevant conferences, and Call for Papers, as well as generating content involving our affiliated scholars. To share all these activities, I am executing campaigns via our social media platforms: For example, on the Macromarketing Society’s Twitter channel, we have an ongoing ‘Meet the Macros’ campaign, and on the social media platforms for the Journal of Macromarketing, including Twitter and LinkedIn, I am sharing all the latest journal news, including recent OnlineFirst publications. I look forward to strengthening these efforts in the coming months.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to reach out stefanie.beninger@ie.edu if you have any suggestions or if you have anything you would like disseminated with the wider community.