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The Journal of Macromarketing

The Journal of Macromarketing puts marketing into rich context by focusing upon the journal’s traditional sub-domains of:

  1. quality of life,
  2. ethics,
  3. the natural environment,
  4. systems,
  5. marketing history, and
  6. country development.

A major objective of macromarketing is understanding how marketing and society influence each other. Studies with a higher-level of aggregation than individual firms, brands, or consumer behavior’s implications for individual firms are welcome editorial contributions to macromarketing scholarship.

Because of the complex nature of macromarketing phenomena, all methods for studies are suitable for macromarketing articles. Mixed methods are particularly encouraged.

The Journal of Macromarketing has established a storied tradition of thought-provoking scholarship since its launch in 1981. The cover of the journal has always featured an image of the globe which represents the global relevance of macromarketing scholarship.

Authors of macromarketing articles come from all corners of the world–a dimension of the journal cherished by macromarketers.

View the Virtual Issue on Marketing Systems.