2019 Virtual Issue on Marketing Systems.

Roger Layton

This latest virtual issue of the Journal of Macromarketing traces the development of marketing systems thinking, perhaps the most important of macromarketing’s contribution to marketing thought. Particular emphasis is placed on Roger Layton’s key role in the development of that concept.

Pioneer marketing scholars such as Wroe Alderson and George Fisk recognized the importance both of systems thinking as a tool of analysis and of marketing systems as a focus of attention over sixty years ago. Only recently, however, has such a focus come to play a central role in bringing together the rich set of ideas, concepts, frameworks and concerns that collectively shape contemporary marketing thought.

Click on bit.ly/jmk2019 to access the Virtual Issue on Marketing Systems.

The material found in this virtual issue is being made available free of charge to all, whether or not they or their libraries currently subscribe to the Journal of Macromarketing. It should prove indispensable to all those focused on macromarketing’s central concerns—both how and how well marketing serves as society’s provisioning technology. In addition, both managers and policy makers will be provided with a wealth of new perspectives on the increasingly complex societal environments shaped by the interactions of physical, social, economic and technological forces.

Roger Layton is widely recognized as both the contemporary thought leader and principal developer of the marketing systems concept. This virtual issue contains the series of journal articles, many of them macromarketing award winners, in which over time Roger has developed and shared his seminal thinking on marketing systems. These articles are preceded by Roger’s recently written overview of his entire previously published body of literature. They are followed by a limited collection of Journal of Macromarketing articles by others that have built upon Roger’s work and further developed the marketing systems concept.

Thanks to the generosity of SAGE, the long time publisher of the Journal of Macromarketing, and Emerald, publisher of two other journals in which three of Roger’s articles first appeared, this virtual issue is being made available to all, without charge for the next six months. You need only click on bit.ly/jmk2019 to access, in turn, all the various items in the collection.

Click on bit.ly/jmk2019 to access the Virtual Issue on Marketing Systems.