We are an international group of scholars interested in examining the varied interactions among markets, marketing and society.

Our Aim

The Macromarketing Society’s aim is to encourage, facilitate and help disseminate matters related to macromarketing.

By virtue of our focus, we believe that certain propositions deeply matter and their manifestations affect everyone, globally. For example:

  • Markets, marketing and society are connected into a networked system that shapes economic, political and ecological outcomes as well as global human welfare, now and well into the future;
  • The nature and structure of market operations are decisive; free, competitive markets have many seminal advantages, but constraints and regulatory controls are often necessary to ensure justice, sustainability and effectiveness in addition to efficiency;
  • The discipline of Marketing is central to the provisioning of society’s needs via its focus on the co-creation of value and the facilitation of exchange;
  • The nature of the macromarketing system shapes quality-of-life, stakeholder well-being, environmental sustainability and general societal flourishing;
  • Political ideologies, normative ethics, technology, geographical forces and cultural factors are embedded at all levels of the marketing system.

The above points capture myriad critical issues, indeed inherent macromarketing issues; they deserve careful study and analysis, and constructive engagement through good government policy, responsible managerial decision-making, and citizen-consumer participation.

The Macromarketing Website

Links on this website and activities on Social Media connect viewers to a number of key macromarketing writings and other resources.

A few of our Society’s principal undertakings are

  • the Annual Macromarketing Conference, held at locations around the globe since 1976;
  • publication of the quarterly Journal of Macromarketing, the premiere outlet for macromarketing research since 1981;
  • Constructive Engagement with organizations, governments, universities, NGOs and other catalytic institutions with shared interests in sustainable societal well-being and enhanced life-quality.

Communicating our insights about the broader issues surrounding marketing and market-based systems is another of our primary functions, and so we call your attention to the Macromarketing teaching materials and other Resources we publish regularly on this website.

The Macromarketing Society

Macromarketers are a diverse set of (mostly) academic researchers (see the roster of our Board membership) with a correspondingly diverse set of interests that include marketing systems, market development, social & ecological sustainability, quality-of-life assessment, public policy, ethics & CSR, marketing history, consumer culture, and critical marketing studies, among other areas.

We believe in rigorous scholarship and analysis but we are not bound by particular methodological approaches due to the complexity of the phenomena we study. And so, scholars interested in macromarketing are also connected in the activities of various related organizations and journals—see our Links section!

If you are not yet a member, please consider joining the Macromarketing Society. Subscribe to our Journal,1 follow us on Twitter2 or utilize the contact information provided on this website.

Membership is included in your registration fee, should you attend our conference, which features stimulating sessions about the most salient questions deriving from marketing related systems and issues.

Finally, we are friendly folks, looking for good ideas about macromarketing concerns from wherever they derive.

Ben Wooliscroft, President

  1. The Journal of Macromarketing (SAGE): http://jmk.sagepub.com/ 

  2. The Macromarketing Society on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MacromarketingS/